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YUKI SEPRE 24 is one of a leading company in security services industry in Vietnam. With our long experience, we have been building the trust from many big partner in entire Vietnam and being one of the most reputation company in the security services sector.

About us – YUKI SEPRE 24


From 90s year, we have grabbed the the opportunity from Doi Moi policy of Vietnam government, and we are one of the first established company in the security services industry.

In 1995, the Trade name YUKI SEPRE 24 Professional Security Service Joint Venture Company was established between Japanese Company and Ministry of Public Security. We have obtained many achievements and build the trust, reputation with many big customers as well as pave the fundamental for the security services industry in Vietnam.

We are proud to maintained the combination between the Japan philosophy from Japan spirit to operation and working procedure and the realistic experience from police/security industry from Vietnam in order to apply to the professional security services. We finally maintain and increase the quality of our security services.

Until now, with more than 3.000 security guards, we have provided security services for more than 1,000 customers, which are office building, Embassy, industrial zone, factory, residential area, shopping mall, school, and many VIP

Vision – Mission – Core Values


Consistent with the development strategy and quality policy from every single security activities. Vision of YUKI Sepre 24 is “Becoming the number 1 security service company in Vietnam”.


All Yuki Sepre 24 team members and security guards constantly strive and put great effort to our work to address our mission “to bring safety and happiness to customers”.

Everyday, by our dedication, we try to perform every task as simple and easy as possible for others, colleagues, customers and partners.

Core Value

  • Professional: Yuki shows the professionalism from the simplest procedure.
  • Integrity: Along with professional, integrity is ADN of YUKI security guards.
  • Commitment: Yuki commits to provide excellent services and efficient solutions for all customers. For partners, Yuki commits trust and cooperation for mutual benefits. For employees, YUKI commits to ensuring the highest fairness.
  • Sharing and Giving: All activities of YUKI are carried out based on the philosophy “Sharing & Giving”. YUKI is a place to share and give useful values.

Personnel – Training

YUKI SEPRE 24 Security Service - Training

YUKI SEPRE 24 always puts the “human” factor at the center of all activities and focus on developing the human resources to bring high quality services, efficient solutions for customers and the highest fairness for employees.

Training Methodology:

YUKI applies the regular and continuous training methodology to all security guards at all positions and for all company security sites:

  • Input training
  • Periodic training
  • Specialized training

Training Content:

– To improve service quality, YUKI SEPRE 24 constantly updates and bring new content to the training program as well as sharing actual situations, problems and solutions at the security sites so that security guards can easily study and apply.

– Training contents include: security guard characteristic education, laws and regulations; basic procedure; intensive procedure; specialized procedure; and soft skills.

Our Services

We have the capability to provide full array of services from a security company, which mean that you can reply from one partner for all of your security services:

  • Security for fixed sites: Office building, Embassy, industrial zone, warehouse, factory, construction site, residential area, shopping mall, hospital, bank, school, private house,…
  • Security for mobile target: Human being: VIP, politician, celebrity, foreigner,…AND Properties: escort and transport of money, precious metal, valuable goods, document,…
  • Security services for Events: Opening ceremony, Music/Sport/Fashion show, Exhibitions, Competition, Festivals, Press Conference, Inauguration, Construction commencement,…
  • Security training services: Provide security training service for partners with regular and continuous training methodology from basic to specialized procedures.
  • Rapid response – Emergency EMES: YUKI Sepre 24 provide rapid response and emergency security services 24/7 to solve the emergency situation on time and for all site.
  • Risk Assessment and Management: Properties: Fire, theft, damage, intrusion, accident,… – Personnel: Violence, accident, unethical conduct – Information and Reputation

Our Partners

YUKI SEPRE 24 Security Service Partners

Case Study: WINGA Vietnam Company Limited

  • Customer: WINGA Vietnam Company Ltd
  • Industry: Garment / Textile
  • Investment: 100% HongKong
  • Personnel: 2000+

Security Problems:

  • The company work in the garment, textile industry thus there is serious risks on fire and explosion.
  • The company is facing with problem on theft, and loss of goods during in and out control procedure.
  • The high rate of goods and products are classified as damaged.


  • Classify products and goods base on the level of fire and explosion risk. Then rearrange and reposition the products and goods in the direction of minimizing risks.
  • Consulting to adjust and change the working standard procedure of related departments and divisions to reduce the risk of fire, explosion and loss of goods.
  • Increase patrol frequency of security guards to promptly detect incidents of fire, theft, and loss of goods.
  • Apply professional measures to change and raise the awareness of all company personnel on fire prevention. Incorporate inspection, reminders and administrative measures to handle violations.
  • Apply and comply strictly in and out site checking procedure for personnel and assets as well as goods import and export process.
  • Incorporating company personnel to inspect and sort damaged products cases. Security guards regularly re-check with staff in cases of damaged classified products.
  • Consulting and installing security camera systems to check for theft and loss of property, and other risks.
  • Decentralize and appoint specific authorized personnel to coordinate with security guards to ensure safety and minimizing risks.


During the working term of YUKI security, there were no incidents of fire or explosion.

The rate of theft and loss of assets outside the company was reduced to 0%.

The rate of damaged goods drop significantly.

Why choose YUKI SEPRE 24

YUKI SEPRE 24 Security Service Pictures

  1. Yuki is a reputation brand, trusted by many big customers
  2. Professional security forces are always ready to respond promptly to every needs of customers
  3. Customers oriented policy, there are always alternative guards available to replace immediately.
  4. Operating system according to Japanese 6S-KAIZEN standard
  5. Flexible policy, in case of emergency, YUKI can “solve problem before the procedure”
  6. Free security support and consulting
  7. Professional customer service 24/7
  8. The most reasonable cost in the market compared to the quality
  9. 100% guards meet professional standards, clear criminal record
  10. Guards are trained continuously in skills and procedure

Please have a look on our Company Presentation for your further reference.


Address: B21, Nguyen Anh Thu Street, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Email: info@yukisecurity24.vn

Website: https://yukisecurity24.vn

Hotline: 0862 520 662 / 0982 911 678

Operational Department:

Tran Quang Phap

Phone number: 0982 911 678

Email:  phap.tran@yukisecurity24.vn

Business Development Department

Tran Thanh Binh

Phone number: 0862 520 662

Email: binh.tran@yukisecurity24.vn


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